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  • School Supply Drive
    School Supply Drive at Wisconsin Family and Sports Chiropractic Read more
  • Backpack Safety: Pack it Light, Wear it Right!
    Now that school is back in session, your kids have most likely been assigned homework in more than one class. With the increase in homework comes an increase in the weight to their backpacks, which can cause physical harm to them if they aren’t carrying their backpacks properly! I know when I was growing up it wasn’t “cool” to wear your backpack on both shoulders, and most of the kids even wore their backpack as low as possible. Thankfully the times have changed, but never the less, backpacks still cause a huge safety risk for our children. Read more
  • Feed Your Inner Goddess
    Feed Your Inner Goddess – Event by the Women and for the Women Read more
  • Prenatal Vitamins
    We need folate to create new cells and babies are new cells.1 But, a lot of what we are exposed to or encouraged to buy contains folic acid, which is the synthetic version of folate. Read more
  • Farmers Market Time!
    Farmers Markets—Buy Local, Support our Farmers! Living in Wisconsin we are very lucky that we have 4 seasons—though some people may not be happy on the bitter cold winter days, or on some of the hot and sticky summer days! These seasons do however give us some of the best growing weather for agriculture, and therefore, allows us to have fresh locally grown food at our fingertips. Read more
  • Clean Green with Norwex!
    Kenzie is hosting a Norwex party! Take a look at her online link for great deals on how to clean your house naturally. Read more
    Most Pregnant women realize the importance of chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy, but few realize the benefit after giving birth. Here are some reasons to see a chiropractor during your "4th Trimester" or the immediate time postpartum. Read more
  • What’s going on in Mequon??
    Here are some of the fun summer events going on in the Mequon/Thiensville area during May and June. Read more
  • Prehabilitation: What is it and why is it important?
    Prehabilitation is the act of doing specific rehabilitation in order to enhance and amplify the functional capacity of your body prior to undergoing surgery Read more
  • Dr. Kenzie is officially Webster Certified!
    Webster certification is a chiropractic technique for pregnancy that analyzes the sacrum and SI joints to make sure they are moving properly. Read more
  • True Function of the CORE: What You Need to Know
    The core is needed for proper breathing, stabilization and mobility. Read more
  • Preparing for Baby Burgei
    The benefits of nutrient testing prior to conception for a healthy pregnancy Read more
  • We're Expecting!
    We're Expecting a baby and the benefits of chiropractic. Read more
  • What You Should Know About Tummy Time: Part 2
    Just like tummy time, Side Time is very important for a baby’s development. It is essential for structural development, functional development and cortical development. Not sure about how to start doing Side Time with your baby? Give us a call at 262-236-9489 and just ask! Read more
  • Concussions: Everything You Need To Know
    Symptoms of concussions, how to treat them and what you should be looking out for. Read more
  • What You Should Know About Tummy Time: Part 1
    Tummy Time is an important activity that will help create proper mobility and stability in your infant that all their future movement will come from. Read more

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